Property Appraisal Fee Schedule

Homeowners, Farm and Commercial Fee Schedule
Based on Gross Loss Settlement Amount (Wind and Hail Catastrophe Settlement: See Below)
$.00 up to $600$165
$601 to $1200$185
$1201 to $2500$225
$2501 to $3500$265
$3501 to $5500$325
$5501 to $7500$415
$7501 to $10,000$470
$10,001 to $15,0003.5% - $500 minimum
$15,001 to $25,0003.2% - $600 minimum
$25,001 to $50,0003.0% - $900 minimum
$50,001 to $100,0002.5% - $1,625 minimum
$100,001 and Above2.3% - $2,600 minimum
Property T & E$80/hr

Standard Pricing Schedule Includes:
Indentifying the cause of loss Listing out of the scope of damage. This includes measurements, diagrams (if needed), photos (up to two), and a detailed written estimate Estimated Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value using property software Identifying contents on site to better control the loss. Listing what can be cleaned and what needs to be replaced Working with contractors, if needed, to help bring claim settlement to conclusion Suggested salvage potential Suggested subrogation potential Working loss to conclusion 25 miles free from nearest mileage point to less First two photos free, each photo thereafter $2.00

Standard Pricing Schedule Does Not Include:
Out of pocket expenses such as police reports, fire reports, expert fees, etc. Emergency inspections during non-business hours Statements taken in the case of possible fraud investigation, subrogation or other reasons will be charged at $50.00 per hour in addition to the above schedule Over 25 miles billed at $.45 per mile Multiple Policy files Replacement cost inspections. Possible additional charge Administrative cost billed at $25.00 an hour Postage and phone/fax charges Settling claim with Public Adjuster, Roofer, or Attorney can be billed out at above rate plus time and expenses Claim file set-up fee Reinspection charged on a claim-by-claim basis

Wind and Hail Catastrophe Fee Schedule
Fee based on negotiated rate or catastrophe fee schedule

Damage Property Appraisal Includes:
Two Photos of damage. Photos thereafter, $2.00 each Diagram of roof, if required Listing of roofing material and amount of layers on roof Listing measurements of damaged area Written estimate based on unit cost of charges for the area, providde by insurer, or based on market pricing research. Property software used to generate the estimate Progress log if not settled within first contact with insured Verbal contact will be made with the insured to discuss claim settlement prior to closure of our file

Wind and Hail Pricing Does Not Include:
Settling claim with Public Adjusters, Roofers, or Attorney be billed out at rate plus time and expenses. Based on company approval before starting investigation to claim facts Statements needed in order to better address full claim facts. Billed at rate plus time and expenses. Based on company approval before starting investigation to claim facts Subrogation Handling Multiple files Duplicate Claim assignments. Reinspections will bill at the full rate Business Interruption Settlements. Billed out at above rate plus time and expenses