Automobile Appraisal Fee Schedule

Auto and small or full size pickup trucks$90
Semi Tractors, Buses, Limos$65/hr
Discounted rates available based upon volume.

First 25 miles free
Two Photos
Auto Damage Appraisal

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
This fee is negotiated based on location and amount of claims.

Total Loss Evaluation
Auto and Trucks$50
Semi Tractors, Buses, Etc.$100

Retail Book Quote for Autos and Trucks. Market Survey from car advertisements and/or dealer quotes to find similar LKQ
Salvage bid
Two photos
Vehicle equipment total loss worksheet
Processing Salvage (does not include the cost of processing the title for salvage)
Semi Tractors, Buses, etc. - the market survey quote will be expanded and the retail book quote will be eliminated

Additional Charges for Appraisal and Total Loss Evaluations:
$.45 mileage charge after the first 25 miles
Drive time past the first 25 miles charged at $25.00/hour
Photos $2.00 for each additional over included amount
Out of pocket expenses such as police reports, parking expenses, salvage title fees, etc.
Express mail or delivery
Supplemental inspection for Strictly Hidden Damage $25.00
File set up, telephone calls and fax